GASP Gallery


GASP Gallery

GASP Gallery is an art platform that connects art buyers and generative artists together in a new and unique way. Instead of buying art that everyone has, GASP Gallery allows the consumer to co-create one-of-a-kind prints tailored to their aesthetic. GASP is a new way to buy custom artwork for your home or office.

Roles: Co-founder・Product Strategy & Design


Problem : Have you ever been shopping for art and see something you like but the colors won’t work in your home? Or a piece that appeals to you but you want to tweak it just a little? Or you want to have art that you have a personal connection to and not a random print you found online that 10,000 people also have in their home?


Our mission is to create an art platform and experience to connect digital artists and online art buyers to co-create artwork together. Every print you generate with GASP is unique because the art is powered by algorithms that the artists write.

After picking a style that you like, you can alter attributes about the look such as texture, shape, size, color, or randomness to make the print your own. Once you’ve crafted the look you want, you can purchase it to have it shipped right to your door.

We just recently launched the first iteration of the app and are working daily to improve the platform by adding new artists, styles, and ways of finding the perfect print.

If you take the app for a test drive, we’d love to hear your feedback.


Full Case Study Coming Soon